Meesden is a small village situated in a beautiful rural location on the very edge of East Hertfordshire.  Named in The Domesday Book as Mesdone it contains dwellings over 500 years old as well as a number of more modern homes.  There are 45 houses situated in the areas of Meesden, Meesden Bury and Meesden Lower Green which altogether give Meesden a population of just over 100.  The central part of the village is dominated by a village green divided up between large mown areas and others left to grow naturally, a nature reserve in which many rare wildflowers can be found and a large pond.

The village green in May

The village green in May

There is a village hall, formerly the village school, which is used for various village activities and events, can be also hired out by both those within the village and outsiders.

The local parish church is St. Mary’s Meesden which is situated about half a mile outside the village and regularly hosts services as part of the Benefice of Anstey, Brent Pelham, Hormead, Meesden and Wyddial.

This website is intended for all members of the community to use.  By entering your email address in the box on the right you will be alerted to any updates made on the website and therefore be duly informed of any village news and events.  If you wish to add some village news, advertise a service on the village noticeboard or contribute to the website in any other way please fill in the contact form below.

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