Buildings of interest

4 thoughts on “Buildings of interest

    • Hi Paul,

      I know it’s a year since you posted your comment about the Beehive PH. My apologies for no one replying. I’ve recently taken over as site editor so trying to pick up on outstanding items and spotted your comment. Yes the Beehive still does exist, but unfortunately no longer remains a pub :(. In fact, Meesden no longer has any pub of it’s own, probably along with many small villages. The Beehive remains as a building but now for domestic occupancy. If you do have a BW photo from 1938, is there anyway that you can scan it and send me a copy (I can provide and email address). It will be good to have on the website and I’m sure the current occupants would be interested in the photo.

    • I would love to have a photo of the Beehive.
      I lived there with my parents Archibald & Florence Cannadine and elder sister Linda and brother Richard around 1952/3 for about 18 months.

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